The Story of Shavala and Laval.

One day in the peaceful land of Chima it was a great day for the cheetah tribe and the lion tribe, for in the cheetah tribe a new princess would be coming soon, and for the lion tribe a new Prince would be coming soon as well. Two days later the princess was born, and given the name Shavala, a month later the young Prince was born,and was given the name Laval. During that time a lion warrior was at the cheetah temple, he was there to see someone or two someones, he was there to see the queen and princess of the cheetah tribe, queen Clara and princess Shavala, he was not there to give gifts but for his own reasons,for this lion warrior was the new princess's father! That meant Shavala was half lion so that made her different from the other cheetahs. 

                     4 YEARS LATER.............

Laval and his father Lagravis were visiting the cheetah tribe to meet the new princess, when they got there they we're welcomed in to the cheetah's temple, the queen approach and said"Lagravis! It's been so long seance I've seen you!... oh! And who's this?  Well it looks like Young Laval." Lagravis replies " yes this is my son Laval." " well it is very nice to meet you Laval, so what bearings you here lagravis?" Laval suddenly sees a young cheetah girl peeking around the corner of one of the halls, but from any of the others she seemed different, she had long brown hair like a lion but had the spots and the two stripes on her face that go down from around her eyes to the bottom of her chin, Lagravis says in surprise" aha and this must be young Shavala." Shavala hides behind the corner then peeks again, "it's ok Shavala you can come out." Shavala slowly walks out from the hall, Laval's eyes widen is awe as of how beautiful she was, Shavala says in a shy and a warrior  kinda way, " hi, my name's Shavala, welcome to our temple." Laval says still kinda stunned, " h..h..hi, name's L..L..Laval." Shavala says with kinda a giggle," it's very nice to meet you Laval." Clara asks" Shavala how about you  show Laval around and go play?"  " sure mommy! Come on, follow me Laval!"   "Ok!", so Laval followed Shavala around the cheetah temple " hay Laval? "  " ya?"  " what kind of game do you want to play?"  " I don't know I usually play fighting games witch probably you won't play because you a -"  " girl?!?" Shavala interrupted Laval, " well ya...." Shavala laughs a little, " my father taught me how to fight! Do you think you can take me on lion boy?" "Your on!"     " Ok but first we need a place to fight.." as Shavala and Laval walk down the hall they get to Shavala's room, " hay! It looks just like mine!" Said Laval surprised, " aww man! There is no place to fight here.."Shavala said disappointed, Shavala and Laval go to the window just then a part of the floor starts to glow right from under them!they both at the same time jump back, then from where they were standing they saw a under ground tunnel, they both say at the same time in awe, "Whoa!"  "Hay let's check it out!" Said Laval " Ok!" So they both go down the tunnel and fine a room at the end of the tunnel! And they see another tunnel! "WHOA!" "This will make a awesome place for playing!" They both bonded and got out a toy weapon and started fighting. later on it was time for Laval to leave so he left, and Shavala went down the other tunnel and it led to Laval's room! Shavala climbed out of the tunnel and looked around Laval's room, just then she heard foot steps and voices! So she jumped back into the tunnel and partly closed the opening, " so Laval did you have fun with Shavala?" " ya dad I did it was so fun!!!" " well I'm glad you had fun Laval." Lagravis left the room, then Shavala opens up the door to the tunnel and sneaked up on Laval, "BOO!" Said Shavala "AHHH!!!"Screamed Laval with surprise, "Shavala!!! what are you doing here?!?!?!?!" "Oh you know the tunnel we found inside of the room under ground that we didn't go in to? Well after you left I followed it and it lead here!" "Cool! So we can see each other a lot!" " Ya but we can't tell our parents  or they will forbid us from the tunnels..." "Ok that's a good idea." " well I got to go Laval I will see you tomorrow?" " ya! See you tomorrow! Bye!" " Bye!" The next morning...... Laval and Shavala met in the secret hideout in the tunnels... " Hay Laval!" ( Laval says nothing and has a disappointed look on his face) " Laval? What's wrong??"  " my dad  has been wondering about where I have been all day... and he told me earlier that we won't  be visiting to the cheetah tribe any more..."  "wha.. what do you mean? we can still see each other down here in the hideout right?!?"  Laval says worried" I..I don't know...."  just then! The earth started to shake! " WHAT IS GOING ON!!!!!!!" Shavala screamed. "A EARTHQUAKE!!!!!" Just then, A rock from the top of the cave broke free and was falling straight tword Shavala! "SHAVALA LOOK OUT!!!!" Laval yelled.  Shavala looked up, " AHHHHHHHHH!!!!!" Shavala screamed, Laval pushed Shavala out of the way  and just in time. they both gasped for air when they landed on the other side of the boulder right before it fell on both of them. "Shavala are you ok?" " ya I'm fine thanks to you...  are you ok?" "I'm fine.." Shavala and Laval get up, they look down at their hands, they were holding hands. Shavala blushed and let go of Laval's hand, Laval blushed. Suddenly they heard gunfire! " Oh no!!! Mom!!!" Shavala yelled,  "Shavala! Wait!!"  Shavala ran like the wind Laval ran slower but after her. (Shavala screamed) Laval gasped and ran as fast as he could he saw Shavala on the ground knocked out and he saw a dark figure going tword her to pick her up, the figure look kinda like Laval but with all black fur and evil looking eyes he was about Laval's hight and age. " WHAT DID YOU DO TO HER!" Growled Laval, " oh great a little lion.. well seance you really want to know I have knocked her out for a few minutes.." Laval drew his sword. " oh you want to fight, fine  then  you want a fight you'll get a fight!" They battled harshly, Laval stood strong for only so long.. the figure knocked Laval down, " who...who are you?..." Laval asked, " I am shadow, Prince of the shadow tribe and the future king of the black panther tribe and Shavala will be my queen.." Laval growled. Shavala woke up and saw shadow, Shavala growled and grabbed a rock, shadow lifted  his sword, Shavala came up from behind, shadow heard her and grabbed  by  the neck! Shavala struggled to get out is Shadow's grip, Laval came up from behind shadow, shadow looked behind himself and threw Shavala at Laval, Laval's head hit a rock hard, Shavala got up. " uuggghhhh...." Shavala moaned, Shavala looked at Laval " OH NO! Laval!!!" Shavala rushed to the lion temple with Laval on her back " HELP!! HELP!! " " WHAT THE NAME OF CAVORA!!" Yelled Lagravis, Lagravis saw Shavala with Laval on  her back, Laval looked badly hert," Laval! " Shouted Lagravis. Shavala ran tword gates, "LAVAL! Shavala what happened?!?!?!" Asked Lagravis " I... I don't know everything went by to fast even for me!" Shavala said panicking, "Shavala I need you to tell me what happened." "I.. I'll try..."

Later after Shavala told Lagravis what happened Lagravis was deeply worried abouth the recent attack on the cheetah temple and worrying about Laval didn't make any thing better.. Shavala left the lion temple when she got back the cheetahs had won the battle.

                                  Years Pass.......

Shavala was grown up and very much like Laval but a little more like a leader. " hay mom!" " WHOA slow down Shavala where do you think your going hmm?" " oh not far just a little stroll through the outlands." Shavala picks up an Apple " well gotta go bye!" " Shavala WAIT! ugh.. never mind." Shavala ran to the edge of the outlands where she had been secretly visiting Lavertus to train Lavertus and her father were great friends but she never knew of Lavertus, till she went on a walk a bumped in to Lavertus and followed him to his house.

One day at the cheetah temple Shavala had earlier stolen white chi to help with a great battle she had only done it to help,and their were lives in danger, her mother knew Shavala was only doing what was right, but Shavala refused to stay she wasn't safe there any ways and she didn't want any more attacks on the cheetahs temple she wanted every one to be safe. So that morning Shavala was banished from her tribe it was not forever, Shavala could take care of her self so she was fine, Shavala said her good byes and was off on her adventure. (Grumbling sound) " oh great I'm half way through the forest and I'm already hungry?!?" Shavala stoped for launch not knowing she was being followed, a black panther jumped out of the trees and caught Shavala in a bag, a few minutes later Shavala could hear water it sounded like a water fall, she panicked the panther picked up a rock and knocked Shavala on the head, they pulled her out of the bag a threw her down never falls,just as they threw her off the edge Laval was riding by on his speedor he saw something falling from the top of never falls when he saw it hit the water he noticed it kinda looked like a lion, he looked down into the water and saw a unconscious lion sinking to the bottom, Laval dived into the water and grabbed  and pulled Shavala out of the water, and so he rushed her to the lion temple for help. "Ughh.."Shavala moaned, she sat up in the bed and looked around, some how every thing looked kinda like the lion temple's stuff, Shavala shook her head and noticed that she was in the lion temple, meanwhile Laval and Lagravis were  talking but Laval sounded kinda frustrated and confused, " Dad who was that, how do you know her? Why won't you tell me who she is!?!?!" Lagravis sighed " Laval it's not your time to know..." Laval interrupted Lagravis " but dad! I need to know I feel like I know her some how she seemed so so.. I don't know different from any other cheetahs I've seen..." Lagravis looked at Laval and then walked off not saying a word, Laval growled under his breath he started to walk by  the room Shavala was staying in, he wondered if she could give him some answers just as he reached for the doorknob the door opened! Shavala opened the door she looked Laval in the eye with surprise she gasped not expecting him to be there then she sighed in relief, " my I help you, Laval?" Said Shavala, Laval gasped " how.. how do you know my name??" Shavala sighed " so you did loose your memory.." " I guess I would introduce myself I'm Shavala."  "I'm Laval." Shavala and Laval talked for awhile having a good time laughing once and awile, " well would you look at that." Said long-tooth " hay! Lennox look at this!" Lennox started to walk over, " looks like Laval is talking to the girl he rescued." Long-tooth laughed " so Long-tooth" asked Lennox " who is the girl?"  " oh some cheetah, I think she said her name was Shavala." Lennox looked at Long-tooth as if he knew the name, then he went back to his post. 

                                      The Next day....

Shavala woke up, ( speedor noises ) Shavala jumped out of bed to find Laval racing with Cragger she runs down to the gate like a lightning bolt, Cragger saw Shavala before she ran, " haaay Laval who's the girl?" Cragger teased " oh you mean Shavala? Oh I rescued her from never falls yesterday day, she's pretty nice.." " WHOA slow down Laval! You rescued her from never falls?!?" Cragger interrupted Laval, " ya she's pretty cool, you should meet her."  Just then Shavala ran by them lightning fast, " WHOA WHAT WAS THAT!!???!!??" Cragger asked in awe, " That was Shavala hurry let's catch up with her!" Laval said, and they raced after her, they found Shavala at the swamp then Laval remembered that he was going to meet Shavala at the swamp so he could show her around Chima, Shavala was leaning on a tree then she saw Laval "hay Laval! What took you?" "Sorry Shavala I forgot I told you to meet me here.." Laval rubbed the back of his head in embarrassment, " it's ok, so who's this Laval?"      "Oh this is..." Laval was interrupted by Eris, " hay Laval! Did you see the huge dust cloud that ran by the lion temple?!?" Eris saw Shavala is awe and in wonder, " wow Laval looks like I can meet most of your friends and it looks like your girl friend to." Eris blushed and laughed and kinda coughed, " I am not his girl friend we are just good friends!" They all laughed, " I was just joking about the girl friend thing." Shavala laughed,    "so who are you?" Eris asked, " my name is Shavala i am from the cheetah tribe beyond the out lands."  " cool! Umm I hope you don't mind me asking.."  " I don't mind.." Shavala replied quickly, "ok, um why do you look kinda like a lion I mean you are definitely a cheetah but.. you look like a lion as well.."  " Oh, my father is a lion that's why i look like a lion is because I am half lion and my father is a lion warrior to." They all gasped except for Shavala, " WOW! That is so cool!" Cragger  Said out loud, " so uhh Laval, are you going to show me around now I mean if you don't want to we all can talk here so I can get to know your friends better, they can come if they want to as well." " how about we all go together" Laval replied, they all liked that idea so they all went on to the eagle's spire. At the eagle's spires.. "WHOOOAA! what a view!" Exclaimed Shavala,  "it is pretty nice isn't it." Said Eris, " so, Shavala I see you and Laval have kinda a good connection I mean you guys get along so well, and do you see they way Laval looks at you it's kinda new to me to see him like this." Laughed Eris,  " ya we do get along well and we use to when we were younger to." Shavala replied, Eris made a confused face "Huh? What do you mean when you were younger?", " oh I guess I haven't told you mine and Laval's story,but Here I guess I will, do you have any quiet places where we can talk?" Asked Shavala," Oh ya! Follow me." Replied Eris, Eris brought Shavala to a quiet room so Shavala can tell the story of her and Laval.

                                             Hours pass....

" wow so that how you know Laval, you've known him longer then me!" Exclaimed Eris, Shavala sigh in a falling in love kinda way, " ya... we've gone through a lot but..."  " but what? Shavala what's wrong?" "Oh nothing just... it's just been so long seance I've seen Laval... and he's just so..."," annoying?" Joked Eris, " no !" Laughed Shavala, " he's kinda well...", "what?!? He is what?!?"  Eris teased,"Ugh! I can't hold it in any longer I think he is well.. cute....", Eris gasped, " what?!" " That is just wow! You and Laval aww what a cute couple you would be!" Teased Eris, Shavala laughed and blushed badly, "Eris stop!", just then Laval came in, " hay Eris have you seen.. oh there you are Shavala!", " hi Laval." Shavala replied with a smile, " Shavala it's getting dark we better get back." " ok Laval meet you there in a second!" "Eris.." "ya Shavala?", "I need you to keep my crush on Laval a secret ok?" "Oh sure!" Replied Eris with a wink, "thanks Eris.", and then Shavala left with Laval back to the lion's temple.

                             That night.....

Shavala tossed and turned unable to sleep suddenly she heard something,"spsss.. Shavala....", Shavala  jump and looked around and then when she looked tword the window she saw Eris! " So you can sleep either huh?" Asked Shavala kinda tired, "ya, but I'm not the only one." Whispered Eris pointing to Rinora,Windra,Crooler, and the other girls from each tribe. Shavala gasped and wondered, "I'll be right down." Said Shavala in a whisper. Shavala quickly ran threw the halls of the lion temple not knowing the Laval was wide awake and heard Shavala running past his door. "What was that?" Laval whispered to himself. Just then Shavala got to the others."Shavala we all have been having these weird dreams... and we don't know what they mean and why we all have the same dream at the same time, so we were wondering if you were having any dreams?" Asked Eris in a whisper, "wow that's freaky," said Shavala, " ya I have been having this dream it's been waking me up I just can't sleep..", " can you tell us what your dream is like?"  asked Li'ella, "sure I guess I can" replied Shavala, " it kinda starts off like this .. I was walking threw this cave out on to a water fall of light then suddenly in the sky burst out colors of light and then right from out of the lights come the legend beasts and along side them followed legend beasts I have never seen before and along side all the legend beasts follows a hero from each tribe I couldn't quite see their faces but I seemed... I seemed to know them some how, then they all showed me this water fall with the moon's light shining right on it, and then the water fall opened up and a beam of light shone from the middle of the water fall like it was from something powerful, and after the light had disappeared the heros and the legend beasts went in and the the whole from which the light came from and the suddenly! world just went white and then I awoke...", "Whoa... that is so freaky I had the exactly the same dream!" Exclaimed Crooler, "that is kind freaky because I had the same dream!" Exclaimed Rinora still stumped, "well apparently we all had the same dream for a reason, I got an idea meet me at Never falls tomorrow so we can figure this all out together alright?" Asked Shavala, every one of the girls agreed to this idea and went back home to rest.

                                           Early the next morning....

At the lion temple Shavala was sneaking out to go meet the others, " I hope no one is up yet..." Shavala whispered to her self, she snuck out with out waking anyone, Shavala met the other girls at never falls, "hey guys.." Shavala whispered to the others , " hey Shavala did you wake you know who? "Asked Eris, "no.." replied Shavala with her cheek slightly red," ok good so let's get down to solving this mystery.." whispered Li'ella, (snoring) huh? Who's still asleep asked Crooler they look at Windra, Windra was fast asleep. They all laughed under their breath trying not to wake her, Shavala shook her head and walker over to Windra she taped her shoulder, Windra sat up and rubbed her eyes and glared, " ok good we're all awake now." Said Eris, Crooler grinned thinking of something to tease Shavala about, " soo Shavala.. I hear you have a crush on some one.." teased Crooler, Shavala's cheeks immediately turned red she was blushing badly, she put her hand behind her head like she was embarrassed, " WHAT! WHERE WOULD YOU HEAR SOMETHING LIKE THAT?!?!?" Asked Shavala embarrassed, "oh no where it's just when Eris said you know who and you cheeks kinda turned red when she said that so I just thought you had a crush on well i think... hmmm Laval perhaps??" Teased Crooler again, Shavala's cheeks were bright red now, " ooo so it is Laval huh?!" Teased Crooler, " Crooler stop teasing her.." said Li'ella, "but I think she dose like Laval so why doesn't she tell us hmm??" Teased Crooler, " FINE I GIVE! I do have a crush on some one!!" Screamed Shavala in anger, "who though??" Asked Crooler still teasing, "you already know.." Said Shavala dipping her head in embarrassment😳, "no I don't know just tell us!.." teased Crooler, "I have a crush on......." Shavala started, they all leaned for word, " on...... Laval......" replied Shavala, " I KNEW IT!!!!!" Yelled Crooler, "Crooler why do you have to be so crood." Asked Eris slightly angry 😒.   " hey I get it! crood rimes with Crooler! So crood Crooler!" Said Li'ella laughing 😄. Then they all laughed 😄😄😄😄😄😄. Eris elbow bumped Shavala slightly and said "it's ok we all like some one, well maybe not Crooler..." " thanks Eris.." replided Shavala.

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