Dark CHI Worriz

The Dark CHI, also called the Dark CHI virus and the corrupted CHI, is a form of CHI that has been infected by the power evil or darkness and misuse of the CHI. This results in the CHI glowing red rather than blue and makes the user feel even more powerful than using regular CHI.

The Dark CHI was developed by Worriz the Wolf Tribe leader as ordered by Cragger to create a secret weapon to use against the good animal tribes. The Dark CHI was created when Worriz tried to place a CHI orb into his harness. The CHI orb turned into a silver color like that of Worriz's harness and later turned red once Worriz tried to fit the CHI back into his harness. Worriz informed Cragger of what he had discovered and would allow Cragger to use the new CHI for all of their ally tribes on the condition that he be the second in command leader of the evil tribes next to Cragger and that Crooler never be allowed to use the Dark CHI. Cragger agreed and began to offer the Dark CHI to all of his ally animal tribes. Cragger, however, secretly sneaked a Dark CHI orb to Crooler because he was worried that Worriz was using his discovery of the new CHI in order to take over as the leader of the evil tribes.

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