great flood of mushroom kingdom and land of chima is series finale of super  chima bros

season 4 sixteen episode is last episode of series great flood was created by dark bowser who wants be mushroom kingdom land of chima wii be vanished for forever

laval and his friends were playing but dark bowser release of water from shore flood  mushroom kingdom first princess peach and toads were survived from great flood of land into the great sea he heading to bowser castle now castle is flooded some few koopas goombas shy guys boos  were survived from flooded few koopas goombas shy guys were died bowser lead koopalings to the land of chima bowser tells mario luigi laval his friends about the flooded now the flooded coming to land of chima the hited to outlands first scorm leds crawlers  on their boats they find lavertus he get on their boat  find to land of chima telling to lagravis second to the croc base crocs get on their boat bowser laval his friends mario luigi running to  now flood hited to sir fangar's ice fortress sir fangar led ice clans to the land of chima now hited to gorilla forest gorillas get running now rhino mountains rhinos are running heading to the  phoniex temple phoniex and cat guides are running last is lion temple laval his friends going to stop dark bowser defeat dark bowser but great flood on lion temple all tribes of chima and mushroom kingdom find a new land of chima new mushroom kingdom:

this marks last appearance of tribes of chima mushroom kingdom ice clans crawlers dark bowser