legends of chima season 4 is frouth season when sir fangar threw CHI into the hole bowser  has more stronger forever to destroy mario laval and his friends: sir fangar wii help laval to defeat bowser along few ice clans


rise of koopas: eris has dreaming about new land bowser defeat few ice clans but sir fangar save others put few ice clans in into jail.

attack of evil army: tribes of chima being attack by bowser but his new koopa name is kule......

call of land laval and his friends find mushroom kingdom.

the new hope: laval and his friends has new powers

the bad times wolf camp attack by evil army but laval and his friends.....

ultra attack evil army attack croc base cragger meet princess daisy......

with two striker: tribes of chima battle bowser's castle.

the invasion: laval and his friends went into bowser's castle to save lagravis later: that chi make evil army stronger but sir fangar save the ice clans from bowser but bowser leads his army to the land of chima to get more CHI