teri she member of elmore he larry koopa's love interest

friends:laval cragger Larry koopa{love interest} enemies:Gumball watterson iggy koopa


larry koopa:he teri's boyfriend she first meet larry koopa after his old boyfriend malcolm alec {elias} hagman who moved away to australia he and teri were kissing but bowser watching itEdit

laval:he good friend of teri she nice to him he slaps him she talking him she sorry to laval

cragger:he nicest friend of teri he saving her from spikes he and teri were huging


gumball watterson: she slaps him and iggy koopa and mad at gumballEdit

iggy koopa: teri's arch enemy he slaps gumball and iggy koopa he getting revenge on teri for slaps him he chop her head off  with scissors.