The Cheetah Tribe are a mysterious tribe that no one really knows about.They have not officially joined the Lions to protect the CHI but they, being fast, sometimes act as the Lions scouts and raiders.The only reason the cheetahs can trick the lions is because they look very similar to the lions,but there is one way to tell, it's the spots on their faces and the two black stripes  that goes down from around their eyes to the bottom the their chins.  And the good thing is they are on the good side not the bad.


The members are unknown to anyone but Laval, who guards the secret jealously. But there is one cheetah Laval dose not know about her name is Shavala she is the princess of the cheetahs tribe, but she is half lion that why she has long brown like hair! And she has a major crush on Laval! And Laval kinda has a crush on her! But her father is one of the lion tribes warrior's! And her and Laval knew each other for years but Laval lost his memory when they were just cubs so he forgot about Shavala and the tunnels under the lion temple that connect the lion temple and the cheetah temple!!! But he finds out later on when he follows Shavala into the underground tunnels and it turns out there are glowing stones on the  roof of the cave that stores memories so when he goes through the tunnels he gets flash backs of when he and Shavala would meet down in the center of where the two tunnels meet. And Shavala was banished from her tribe so when the shadow tribe kidnapped her and threw here down never falls she had gotten a major injury at that moment Laval was riding by on his speedor and he saw Shavala fall into the water from the top of never falls! That's how Laval met Shavala! Laval saved her from the water and carried her back to the lion temple. Sence she was half lion half cheetahs he couldn't tell where she came from but he sure did think she was cute! 

Shavala: she is a teen female half lion half cheetahs she shows a lot of affection for Laval, and with secrets of her own, when Laval trys to figure out what she is hiding she challenges him to a speedor race witch he gladly agrees to.

Shavala's weapon: a sword and a bow and arrows.

Note: Shavala's arrow tips are made of white chi, of witch the  white chi the cheetah tribe keeps secret from the other tribes that's why their tribe is hidden beyond the outlands.

Note:white chi is the most power full chi in Chima even more powerful then the fire chi!!!!!!!!

Description of Shavala: generous,kind,fast,sneaky,fast thinking, and very clever. Shavala usely challenges Laval to a speedor race but some times she just likes to hang out with her friends especially Laval, or she is spying on Laval, or practising her fighting skills. You know she only spys on Laval because she thinks  he is smart,brave,wise,strong, and cute, and plus she thinks it's cool to watch him practice his fighting skills.

Enemy of Shavala: Shadow: Shadow is a black panther from the evil chi stealing black panther tribe also known as the shadow tribe..... Shadow for some reason likes Shavala because he thinks she is cute, but later on he finds out about Shavala likes Laval so during the night he trys to kidnap her but it turns out  Eris was with Shavala in her room so when he tried to capture them both Shavala did a distress roar then Laval bursts into the room right as Shadow was about to jump out of the window with the girls in the bags! Shadow takes out his black sword which is powered by dark chi! As they fight Shavala breaks free and sets Eris free to, so when Shadow was shrouded he dropped a fog bomb! As the fog cleared up Shadow was gone, but ever one else was there, Laval said confused " who was that?" Shavala replied" someone I had hoped to never see again...."