the adventures of bowser RPG: journey to the sea is upcoming in 2016

the adventures of bowser RPG: journey to the sea
Some attributes
First type of game:role playing game
Second games: wii u 3ds pc
Third release dates:3ds north america and canada july 15 2016 japanese august 18 2016 australia wii u july 18 2016

pc september 2016 30

Other attributes

after events of super mario and legends of chima: after  bowser  turn good again

bowser larry koopa iggy koopa lemmy koopa ludwing von koopa teri are going on finding six stars sages on islands but iggy koopa lemmy old friend returns in this game drew the fox nice friend of lemmy and iggy he can help them find six star sages but old enemy returns..... dark bowser live on dark island is evil

main characters:



larry koopa

iggy koopa

lemmy koopa

ludwig von koppa


drew the box

dark bowser

minor characters

koopa 1

koopa 2

shy guy 1

goomba 1

shy guy 2

goomba 2

koopa 3

cameos in this game:

sir fangar he mentioned by iggy koopa after defeat skull kid died

laval he can seen the past after bowser going the sea


koopa island[first island}

ice island {also known as nice island}

ghost island

volcano island

dark island[final island}